“You’re going to become a what?”

The words out of my husband’s mouth when I shared my new dream in life after returning from a Celebrate Your Life Conference in Arizona and hearing Shamanic energy medicine teacher Alberto Villoldo speak for the first time. 

“A Medicine Woman.  I am going to become a Medicine Woman.”

And that proceeded to be our little joke for a decade.  Something would happen and one of us would say, ‘well, ya know, someday when you’re a medicine woman you will be able to handle all that!’ lol

And then one day, it occurred to me, I have always been a Medicine Woman. Thus began my quest to find my inner healer.  For me, that hasn’t been any one moment of enlightenment in which my entire life changed. 

I have not sold all my belongings, shaved my head, denounced my western upbringing, and set out on a pilgrimage to find myself.  Instead, mine was a journey within myself from my own meditation chair.  Exploring the depths of my own Soul through my newly found yoga and meditation practices. 

There came a time on my path, where my Soul started speaking to me loud and clear, 

“Your Purpose Is To Step Into Your Fullest Potential, Body, Mind And Soul, And To Support Others In Doing The Same.”

The catalyst for this revelation was a proverbial moment of ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’

I was sitting in my doctor’s office and he had just handed me yet another prescription… I was already on three different medications for anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue and a host of other issues…

Now I found myself sitting with a piece of paper in my hand that said by taking a fourth medication I would be able to finally regain my vibrancy and wellness. 

Something deep inside my belly said: Hell No!


I WAS A 47-YEAR-OLD SELF-PROCLAIMED HEALTH NUT ON FOUR PRESCRIPTIONS. This was a painful and humbling moment, but ultimately it was a catalyst to one of the greatest awakenings of my life. 

It was at this point that I lifted my head up from the fog I had been in and said, time for a change.  I walked out of my doctor’s office that day and into a new way of life.

This incident was part of a series of events at that time in my life that powerfully motivated me to question everything. 

Dark Nights of the Soul?

I know those places inside of myself intimately.

And it is an honor to be able to meet my clients deeply in those spaces as well.

Parental neglect, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, addiction, abandonment, infertility, health issues…

I’ve also had the experience of losing many loved ones and I know intimately the landscape of death and grieving…  

The deaths of my beloveds have led me on a journey, a journey within… to seek out that which is most important in life

Boy, have I been given the gifts… Lots of them actually

“Gifts?” You say. “These don’t sound like gifts.”  

It’s taken me a while to realize that every shadow contains a gift.

Through parental neglect, I became a better parent.
My sexual abuse awakened my ability to protect myself.
Domestic abuse taught me to recognize others’ pain.
Addiction gave me a place to hide until I heard Spirit.
Abandonment allowed me to learn that all I really need is Spirit
Infertility gave me perseverance and determination.

My health challenges led me to discovering food and plants as medicine and to getting off four prescription medications, and effortlessly maintaining a weight I have not been at since high school.

And on the other side of having walked through these shadows to reconnect to the medicine and wisdom inside of me, It is my honor to hold a Sacred Space for you to find: 

Balance in your Body, Stillness of Mind,  Heal your Soul, and give Flight to your Spirit! 

The Journey to Heal Your World Begins Within, Join Me!

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