Soulful Affairs

A Journey to Dying & Grieving Consciously

Has your doctor recently asked you and your family to prepare your last requests? We all know to get our financial affairs ‘in order’ when approaching the end of life or faced with a terminal diagnosis.  But what about our soul affairs?  

Are you prepared to die consciously? 

Have you said all you need to say to your loved ones?  And they to you?

Don’t know where to begin? 

Afraid of the unknown? 

Or what might come out?

Dying & Grieving Consciously work helps you and your loved ones get your Soulful Affairs in order so that when the time comes, you may pass in grace and ease, with no regrets OR fear…just peace and being held by the Divine.

Sometimes it is just tooooooooooo difficult and emotional; maybe there’s been too much time gone by; perhaps you would not know where to begin, afraid it would turn into a fight; so many reasons and ways it could go wrong, probably just easier to muddle through.

But you have a second option… 

You could Embrace your Journey to Die Completely Consciously, knowing you have done it right and left you and your loved ones in a place of healing and connectedness

You only get ONE SHOT AT DEATH, so do it right.

Preparing ourselves soulfully, emotionally, and spiritually for the end of life transition is a journey that is immeasurably valuable, not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well.

The Soulful Affairs Journey is a four-month-long program that is customized to meet the needs of the individual client. I would be honored to walk you through every step of your journey, holding you in Sacred Space as you craft your own Personal Life Transition.  

This journey includes:

Energy medicine sessions, 1 per month, to clear the body of any unresolved energetic issues that may be weighing you down, preparing you for the Spirit Flight & Great Death Spiral (4 sessions, ~90-180 minutes each)

Ritual & Ceremony Work. 1 per month, to bring energetic issues that surface during the above sessions to the physical and emotional levels, cementing the healing lessons in reality. This can include but is not limited to: energetic circles or sand paintings, ancestor altars, fire ceremonies, rite of passage ceremonies, house blessings, shamanic journeying, breath work, visualizations, and meditation. (4 rituals, typically last ~2 hours)

Preparation for Family Recapitulation Meeting by creating a list of regrets and what, if anything, you wish to do or say about them before your transition. 

Guide Family Recapitulation Meeting which allows you and your loved ones to forgive, be forgiven, and say all that needs to be said in this lifetime.

Perform 7 Chakra Illumination and Spirit Flight to allow your soul the opportunity to find its way to the next leg of your journey so that when the time comes you will know the way. 

Perform Death Spiral immediately after passing and send your Spirit off on its next Adventure!  

Or alternatively, perform Surrogate Death Rites for a loved one who has already passed, perhaps suddenly and for whom last words did not get said.

Follow up with family regarding any after-death wishes.

Crafting & Executing Your Personal Life Transition Journey will allow you to: 

  • Identify what your soul wants you to know, say, or do in this lifetime in order to advance in your own soul’s journey
  • Communicate all that needs to be said from a  place of love; forgive and be forgiven
  • Die consciously with no regrets
  • Leave your loved ones in a state of peace, not wondering what if, or if only….

Allow me the honor of acting as your Sacred Witness, assisting you and your loved ones in crafting your Personal Life Transition Journey, culminating in a beautiful soul, and spirit-filled ceremony, in which each is given a chance to say goodbye in Sacred Space.  

Don’t wait to address this, perhaps, the most important journey of your life!

Connect NOW to schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation to explore if I may be of service to you.

(This program is intended to be tailored to the specific needs of the client and their wishes. It serves those at their end of life and those wishing to be prepared to die consciously whenever that time may come.) 

Soulful Affairs: A Journey to Dying & Grieving Consciously**

  • 4 energy healing sessions
  • 4 ritual ceremonies
  • Family Recapitulation Meeting – Preparation & Execution
  •  7 Chakra Illumination & Spirit Flight
  • Death Spiral / Surrogate Death Rites
  • Family follow-up

Four Month Program Price: $3,500

(Value of package services over $4,100)

This program is intended to be completed one-on-one due to the personal and individual nature of the healing work.  Make a conscious journey through a terminal illness, or journey to prepare for this life’s end, whenever it may come.  

Soulful Affairs: Dying & Grieving Consciously – One-on-One Guide**

Perhaps a four-month program is not the right fit for you.  Prefer to work at your own pace? Craft your Personal Life Transition Journey in your own unique way, one step at a time.

Hourly Consulting $125/$175/$225 per session*

*I invite you to choose the price that works best for you at this point in your life.  This is rich work and time-consuming.  I am confident that those who are blessed with abundance will participate in paying it forward to those who cannot.  In gratitude.

** Please note:

All work can be conducted in person or done remotely over the internet or phone. 

All of my work is 100% respectful of religious traditions as well those who identify with no religious tradition.